Hi, I'm Stefan Riha. I have been studying and working in physical oceanography for the past 10 years. My main interest is numerical ocean modelling. I also have a BSc degree in mathematics.

I want to become an independent (sub-) consultant/contractor in physical oceanography. If you are interested in hiring me as a contractor, or collaboration of any kind, please contact me via email.

What I recently worked on:

I will consider offers for Postdoc positions, especially if the study has either some commercial value, or is conducted within a government agency (natural resources, transport, disaster mitigation, tourism industry, etc.).

I was a PhD student at the School of Mathematics and Statistics in Sydney, where I worked on Neutral Density in Numerical Ocean Models with Trevor McDougall .

Previously I studied the inter-basin exchange between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean at Centro de Oceanografia in Lisbon. PI: Álvaro Peliz

I also studied statistical Lagrangian properties of mesoscale transport as part of my MSc thesis at KlimaCampus in Hamburg. PI: Carsten Eden

During my BSc course I was given the opportunity to gain experience in numerical modelling while participating in the Island Wakes Project on Madeira (Portugal). PI: Rui Caldeira. BSc thesis supervisor: Anton Arnold at Vienna University of Technology.